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In 1996, our company entered the market with mold production profiles, furniture accessories profiles under another name in 1998, it has started production. . In 2000 GOLD PLASTIC name of our company is completely PVC drying rack in 2006 to continue gaining speed on its way to the production of plastic products used in the 2001 shelf labelstock and shelving sector etmiştir.türkiye AL-CE-YA took removing a ground under the brand. Our factory covered 10,000 meters in area of 5000 meters per month capacity to process 260 tons of raw materials and have been serving our customers with a wide range of products. In line with the revivalist mold all kinds of profiles and profile of our customers as we offer products of our own tooling department, all our products are sold duymamakt needs are our own production. We are very glad of the peace is an important company in the industry.

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